Friday, August 28, 2009

I caved.

After a loooong afternoon I'm home, in pj's and just had a half hour conversation with the most adorable 4 year old on the planet.

I ate the following for lunch:

Roasted chicken, roasted tomatoes, arugula, garlic hummus and Emmentaler on a sandwich thin.

With TJ's BBQ Popchips.

When I went upstairs to the cafe to get a Diet Coke I almost got fries. Seriously. It was touch and go.

And then I got home caved and made these.

Still better than buying the ones in the cafe.

I am also never wearing a pair of size 16 pants again. What is it? Everytime I think I've moved on I find myself putting on something that clearly does not fit me. My mom told me that she's going to start calling me out on it. She clearly needs to - because I looked ridiculous today. It didn't hit me until I got a good look at myself - but one of the office guys said something about the weather and "On days like today you just wear whatever to work."

This is the Office Services guy. Who wears a uniform.

Soooooo that's the impression I made today apparently.

Dinner will be Chipotle-esque. I'm going to start it in a bit. See you later.


  1. What the office services guy said made me giggle a little bit.

    Go through all your clothes and gather every item you'll never wear again. Pass it on to someone in need -- put it in a Planet Aid box, a Red Cross box, whatever you have in NYC.

    I'm waiting! ;) Seriously, though, report to us all when you've done that. It's a good feeling!

  2. I keep doing that!! I'm down to almost nothing. I don't know how I missed those pants in the previous go arounds but I did. I don't know why I didn't change after I put them on this morning and had to tie the bow at the waist extra tight to keep them up. Seriously. I am my own worst enemy.

    And it makes me laugh too. So much for me feeling like I'm this sophisticated city chick!