Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This day's progressing nicely thank you very much.

I have a webcast in a few. Please pray to the gods of technology it goes smoothly. I already had a heck of a time getting the slides to upload.

Mid morning I raided the vending machine and came up with this:

I'm getting very good at portioning. The rest of the bag is stored in my desk drawer to be eaten at a later date.

Lunch was my leftover egg casserole (heated for 1 min in the microwave) over spinach with a scoop of part-skim ricotta. Like quiche - without the crust.

I am listening to the radio at work. Apparently from 3-5 PM today a Victoria's Secret model will help me buy lingerie in Herald Square. I should probably go - I have no idea what size I am anymore.

Can you imagine Heidi Klum towering over you helping you pick out underwear? I'm cracking up just imagining it.

I do not think Heidi will actually be there though, sadly.

Here's the plan for the rest of the afternoon:

Finish Work
Walk Home
Go to gym
Make dinner

See you then!

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