Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Steak a la Katie Morosky*

*Big points if you know who I'm talking about.

Not long after I posted my plans for chicken I got a craving for steak tonight. I'd say I was iron deficient - but I've had a hamburger and filet in the last few days. I don't eat a ton of red meat. The cravings seem to go in waves with me.

Anyway - I stopped at the market, got some more asparagus, a red potato and a real steak - not those teeny ones I usually buy. It felt like a splurge. Like I used all my war ration stamps to seduce a Naval Officer.

OK. I'll stop talking in code now and just share some pictures.

Steak, grilled.

I managed to cook this a perfect medium. Not to shabby for an electric grill. I saved the other half.

Asparagus - roasted.

Plus a potato, baked with some whipped butter.

Dinner? Delicious.

Working from home tomorrow - lots of conference calls. I'll hit the gym at some point during the day for a longer workout than today for sure.

Dessert was more than a few chocolate covered pretzels. I can't wait till this week is over. I hate this munchie feeling. Snack before dinner was pretzels and hummus. I can't seem to stop myself.

I'm off to finish watching Disc 1 Season 1 of The Wire. Stupid Netflix was supposed to send me Disc 1 Season 1 of Mad Men. I absolutely want to watch The Wire - I just need to get my Mad Men fix first!

Respect the queue Netflix. Respect the queue.

See you in the AM!

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