Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No bread for you

Yeah. That did not happen.

I did not go buy yeast to make bread. I forgot the whole "has to rise for 5 hours" scenario. One of the recipies I had in my little electronic file - you need to let the dough rise for 18-20 hours.

I think this is an endeavor meant for another day. Maybe this weekend. It's supposed to be rainy.

Instead I went to the gym. Despite my 50 min workout I was not winded at all. I guess it's time to step it up a little. I did try something new tonight. I did 30 min of the random program on level 20 - 3 min at 3.8, 7 min at 4.0, 10 min at 4.4, 10min at 4.6. Then I took it down to level 2 and ran at 5.5 for 15 minutes with a 5 min cool down.

I came home and emptied my dishwasher and loaded it again.

Confession. My sink has been full of dishes since last night. (or maybe really the night before that). I also recently got rid of a lot of old cutlery so I have exactly 4 dinner forks. They are all currently in the dishwasher.

So I ate dinner with a itty bitty dessert fork.

Leftovers heated in the microwave with some more ricotta salata on top.

I'm trying not to eat dessert because I ate pretzels and hummus, some chocolate alphabet cookies and a handful of chocolate edamame earlier. Plus I've had so much pasta and bread this week when I really think about it.

It's a good thing I was too impatient to bake bread today. Everything happens for a reason I guess.

Pleasant dreams. Catch you tomorrow!

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