Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hanging on.

UGH. Still so hungry - for those of you playing at home.

Before lunch I had a little snack.

Honey Wheat and Hummus

Then lunch.

There was a lot going on in there. First, a mix of spinach and spring mix. Roasted chicken, vidalia onion, carrots, roasted asparagus, red, yellow, orange bell and cubanelle peppers. Some sliced Emmenthalaer (so creamy and delicious - worth the extra $) with Light Vidalia onion dressing on top.

And some chocolately pretzels for dessert.

I ran an errand earlier and wore my pedometer today. I'm at 4.6 and still need to walk home. I should end up around 6.

I am going to the gym before dinner tonight - which I have no idea what it'll be. Maybe pasta. I need something filling.

Weigh in and work from home tomorrow.

I can't wait.

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