Friday, August 7, 2009

Of baking (and other things)

Tomorrow I am going to a barbecue with the choral group I perform with. It's out in the boonies of NJ. Should be fun. I rarely see these people over the summer so it'll be nice.

I made some sweet and not so sweet treats to bring with me.

I started with a box.

And pretty much followed the package directions, but I tweaked it a little. I cleaned out my freezer of leftover chips and such. There are mini semi-sweet morsels and some Ghirardelli 70% cocoa chips - maybe a fourth of a cup total. Also added a smidgen of Midnight Moo chocolate syrup to the mix.

Then I made a ganache. One word...YUM.

I used this (chopped finely):

And this:

I simmered the cream then took it off the heat and whisked in the chocolate.

Then poured it over the cooled brownies.

Then sprinkled these on top:

The finished product:

Then I made my Lemon Chive Potato Salad.

Except I used scallions.

And baking potatoes instead of red ones which I wound up peeling. I didn't feel like scrubbing them.

All together now:

Dinner tonight was simple. I wasn't feeling well earlier so I didn't want anything too rich or too heavy. I made myself a cheddar and hummus sandwich.

Aaand I ate the other half of last night's baked potato cold from the fridge.

I apparently have no shame.

Happy Friday to all, and to all a goodnight!

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