Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Winner Winner (no chicken dinner)

Good evening!

So one of the perks of my job is attending industry events. Hotels invite us to receptions where they serve us food, drinks and raffle prizes.

In return we get to learn about their properties and network.

And tonight I WON!! I NEVER win!!!!

I won a 2 night stay + a spa treatment or golf at the Reunion Resort outside of Orlando. It's relatively new and they have 2-3 bedroom villas.

It looks great. Even though I have been to Orlando (and Disney and Universal) many more times than I can count I'm sure I could drag myself back.

I ate lunch late today so I decided that the reception food would pretty much be my dinner. I captured some of it but missed a few things.

Big thanks to the Carlton Hotel and Preferred Hotels and Resorts for a fun party! I always get to see other friends and former co-workers at these events. It's great!

I started with a glass of white (which ended up being my only glass - I behaved) and a mini lobster roll. I also had a mushroom and feta in phyllo dough thingy which I normally don't eat because they are always fried but it was not greasy at all.

I had a mini skewer of lamb in a yogurt mint sauce as well.

From the cheese/hummus display I had some carrots and red bell peppers w/hummus + 1 cracker and a small roll.

And a mini burger - which was cooked perfectly believe it or not!

A big thank you to Patti who was my hand model! I told her as I took the pic - you're going to be on my blog!!

Dessert was chocolate covered cheesecake lollipops but I had a piece of dark chocolate macadamia bark which is on that plattter next to them. (I couldn't snap a pic - people were vultures!)

Did you know white chocolate is not chocolate at all? It's cocoa butter. Don't let them fool you.

The more you know...

When I got home I knew I would still be hungry so I ate 6 Flat Out Good crackers with a wedge of Laughing Cow.

Hope you all had as good a day as I did! 1 lb down AND a (mostly) free trip???

Not a bad day. :)


  1. Did I know white chocolate wasn't chocolate? Absolutely I did. ;) They probably just call it "chocolate" so people will try it and some of them will (inexplicably) like it.

    Congrats on all the weight loss and big clothes hanging off you!:) This is what a re-haul of your eating and activity will get you!

    - Kev.

  2. Thank you!!! Yeah I never get all crazy about anytime someone tells me a dessert is made with white chocolate. I love dark...the darker the better.

    I am dying to find those Lindt Fleur de Sel chocolate bars. Sweet and salty? Sign me up!