Thursday, August 27, 2009

If you ever want to milk a cow sometime...

I think I was just propositioned in my office cafeteria.

Well. Maybe not. But the other way makes for a better story.

I went to grab a Diet Coke and some of these:

And met people from here giving out samples of cheese and milk.

This is where the cows come in. As I was chatting with the extremely sweet farm people one of them said "If you ever want to milk a cow sometime call me and you can come up to the farm." I may buy some cheese but I'll leave the milking to you buddy thankyouverymuch.

It really was delicious. I had some Hudson Valley Camembert, another cheese that resembles parmesan and a cheddar. So good. I also had a little sample of the creamiest chocolate milk. It was one of those times I was fully convinced of the quality of organic food over conventional. There was a distinctive difference.

I had the rest of my steak for lunch (heated it up in wax paper for 30 seconds)with some arugula, roasted tomatoes, onion and ricotta salata. I drizzled a bit of Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing on top.

I think I've been eating too much spinach. I used to love arugula but today not so much. I kept wishing for something less bitter.

6:15 can't come fast enough. That's when I'm meeting my friends at Grand Central to cross the river to Queens.

We don't get out of Manhattan much.

I'd also like to apologize to the cows who made the cheese for eating their relative for lunch. That wasn't nice. LOL!

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