Thursday, August 13, 2009

Delayed Dinner

I decided to leave my dinner post for this morning - considering breakfast know.

I am jealous of other bloggers like Kath and Jenna who can mix all sorts of goodies in their oatmeal.

I really don't like oatmeal. AT ALL.

Maybe in the winter I will try again.

Just...don't hold your breath. :)

Anyway - oatmeal has absolutely nothing to do with last night's dinner.

I walked home, decided against the gym and had a little snack. There is something liberating about just deciding you are not going to go the gym.

Random but I really love my New Yorker cartoon plates. I have a whole set. This is one of my favorites. I have a set for Christmas too.

I had a few honey wheat pretzels with extra sharp cheddar.

Then I made dinner. Here were the two crucial ingredients.

On the walk home I picked up some center cut pork chops. Believe it or not - this was the smaller of the two! I was tired of pasta and chicken.

I coated it with honey mustard and Italian style panko breadcrumbs.

I really didn't love this combo when I tried it on chicken tenders but it was much better on the pork chop.

I sprayed the foil with Pam and then sprayed more on top of the pork chop. It came out crunchy and delicious.

The finished product.

Plus some broccoli with grated parmesan.

And a baby baked potato with some light canola oil butter, S&P.

My plate.

Lunch today is a yummy salad. Zumba's tonight. I have absolutely no idea what to make for dinner though.

Don't expect anything too exciting. See what I did there? I'm trying to keep your expectations low. ;)

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