Sunday, August 23, 2009

Catch up

So much to tell - too tired to do it really properly.

I'll do my best.

Breakfast yesterday (and today) was at the hotel. I forgot to take pics - but I had eggs benedict yesterday (sans hollandaise) and a bagel with butter, asparagus wrapped in turkey and a piece of some egg/omlette-y thing at the brunch this morning.

Lunch yesterday was surprisingly one of the best I've had in quite some time.

And it was here:

So. Good. I can't even believe it.

We started with some hummus. I had two triangles.

I had a cup of creamless asparagus soup. It was amazing.

My sister and I shared the Tricolore Salad Pizza. It was really delicious. I had 1 slice - a little extra salad and a bite or two of my mom's pasta dish.

Then last night was the wedding.

Pretty flowers.

I had a cocktail to start - then switched to wine - then switched to Diet Coke.

And some passed hors d'oeuveres - not pictured. A couple pigs in a blanket, a couple mini beef wellingtons, 2 pieces of so-so sushi and an egg roll.

The pigs in the blanket were the best.

Some salad which I didn't finish. I'm not sure but I think the croutons were cinnamon raisin (???)

I chose the filet. It was pretty good. Banquet food is just so hard to prepare well you know?

And some cake. I ate a few bites and gave the rest to my dad.

The band was great and it's always fun to hang out with my sister and my cousin. I was happy to be attending a wedding in a dress 4 sizes smaller than the last wedding I went to and to be wearing a dress that wasn't black. It's been a long time coming.

I'm beat and I have a busy day tomorrow. Tales of dinner back in NYC will have to wait till tomorrow. Have a lovely night!


  1. Looks good, smells good...let's eat!

  2. I hope you got a picture of yourself in your 4-sizes-smaller dress! That's awesome.


  3. I did actually! It's on my sister's camera though and haven't gotten the pictures yet.