Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nothing to do

I have cleared every item off my To Do list.

Also - please slap me the next time I'm all "Pray to the technological gods" because clearly I should just not mention anything. There was a glitch on my webcast today. I am now considering it my own personal Voldemort. I will not say the word webcast.

Until...you know...probably the next time I have one.

Before the gym I roasted some chicken. I used half tonight - half for salad tomorrow.

This is one split chicken breast - skin on - drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper. I added some sliced onion and 2 gloves of garlic. The apartment smelled fantastic when I got back. Bake at 350 for about 40-50 minutes.

(For the record at the gym I ran for 30 walked for 10 today. It wasn't a pretty run but I did it.)

I ate some pretzels and hummus and then thought about dinner.

I've been craving brown rice for the last week. Weird craving I know. Tonight I made some and added some steamed broccoli and half the roasted chicken with about a half a cup of tomato basil sauce.

And a little grated parmesan never hurt anyone.

I'm full but not stuffed and contemplating dessert. I believe something chocolate is in my future.

Have a lovely evening. I shall return in the AM.

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  1. btw, apropos to nothing, Mr. Kev came to see what I was looking at (the only person I'd allow to peer at my screen) and I told him it was an o.l. friend's blog about what she eats and about her day. He said "it's a show about nothing..." My favorite things are sometimes about nothing. It's the little moments in life, isn't it?

    There's a movie I saw once and loved -- "The Human Comedy." It was about everyday life during WWII (I think). Mickey Rooney I think delivered those "we regret to inform you" telegrams. (Or maybe his family received one.) Anyway small slice of life movie, Mickey Rooney the best he ever was, and worth checking out.

    I told you this was apropos of nothing. I must need my own blog. ;)